New alliance between Praxis Pharmaceutical and GONSA Joint Stock Company in Vietnam


New alliance between Praxis Pharmaceutical and GONSA Joint Stock Company in Vietnam

Praxis Pharmaceutical and GONSA Joint Stock Company sign new agreement

Praxis Pharmaceutical expands the commercialization of Polyheal® Micro in Asia by reaching a distribution agreement with GONSA Joint Stock Company (GONSA) in Vietnam.

Last year, Praxis Pharmaceutical, a company specialized in the commercial development of products for the advanced treatment of chronic wounds, and GONSA, specializing in pharmaceutical services since 2010, reached a distribution agreement of PolyHeal® Micro in Vietnam.

On July 26th, GONSA has officially launched Polyheal® Micro in the Vietnamese market by organizing a Scientific Seminar. In the seminar, local KOLs  shared their experience in the treatment of the site of chronic ulcers using Polyheal® Micro with more than 100 doctors  of the Association of Wound treatment of Ho Chi Minh City.

Mr. Le Vi Hien, General Director of GONSA, said “PRAXIS is a strategic supplier to GONSA. Since 2019, we have been working successfully together to deliver life-changing medicines that are contributing value to patients and society. I am proud that GONSA is working with Praxis to address unmet medical needs in Vietnam”.

Aitor Madina, CEO of Praxis Pharmaceutical, states that “the alliance between Praxis and GONSA will allow wound care professionals in Vietnam to have this new product available aimed to reactivate wound healing in hard to heal wounds. In his view, “patients will be able to benefit from its clinically proven results, distinguished by its remarkable efficacy even in wounds with exposed bone and tendon”.

The agreement is part of Praxis Pharmaceutical’s strategy to expand and internationalize PolyHeal® Micro in Asian continent through specialized commercial partners. Its main driver of expansion is collaboration, providing knowledge and resources from the beginning of the alliance.

With this new agreement, Gonsa aims to fulfil the needs of the Vietnamese market, delivering a solution for the wound care professionals with proven efficacy and safety.

Images of the Scientific Symposium which took place in Vietnam as part  of Polyheal® Micro launch by GONSA:

Polyheal Team Gonsa
Symposium Gonsa Polyheal

About Praxis Pharmaceutical

Praxis Pharmaceutical is a company specialized in the commercial development of pharmaceutical products and medical devices for the advanced treatment of chronic wounds, based in Madrid (Spain).

Founded in 2006, Praxis began its internationalization in the year 2012. Today, we have a direct presence with commercial headquarters in Madrid (Spain) and Bogotá (Colombia).

At Praxis Pharmaceutical we are committed to the internationalization of PolyHeal® Micro as one of our drivers for long-term growth. Proof of this are our alliances with business partners to open new markets and have a presence in 5 continents.



GONSA Joint Stock Company was established in 2010. GONSA is now one of the leading companies specializing in pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and medical devices in Vietnam.

Our commitment is focused on creating valuable products with high quality, efficacy and safety and providing perfect and featured service, to fulfill every customer’s need.

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