Business partners


Collaboration agreements

Strategic search for business partners for the international distribution of PolyHeal® Micro.

Praxis Pharmaceutical is committed to entering into long-term partnerships with local companies to facilitate access to our products to a greater number of patients. The collaboration principles governing our activity are based on solid and stable relationships and mutual trust.

Business partners play a key role in the expansion of Praxis Pharmaceutical. By working jointly with carefully-screened companies that share similar objectives and values we can take on more ambitious projects.

Why set up alliances with Praxis Pharmaceutical?

The main advantages that Praxis Pharmaceutical offers to its business partners are:

  • We are different.
    We develop unique and innovative technologies.
  • A quick and flexible decision-making process.
    After a brief initial evaluation process, we get down to work with the objective of concluding the negotiations in a short timeframe.
  • Experienced and multidisciplinary team.
    Our experience enables us to offer added value to our partners, contributing knowledge, expertise and resources from the beginning of the process through to registration and marketing, accompanying them throughout the product’s life-cycle.

On the basis of a corporate agreement, we work to maximise the potential of the collaboration, anticipating and effectively managing risk. We share knowledge and benefits with our business partners in order to create a solid and fruitful relationship.

Work together

Does your company have experience in the marketing of wound-care products? We would like to collaborate with your company. Contact our Business Development team.

Collaboration opportunities

Praxis Pharmaceutical is always on the look-out for new products that complement its portfolio and allow us to provide a broader and more diversify proposal. If you want to know where PolyHeal® Micro is available, please contact our business development/sales department: Contact