PolyHeal® Micro is an innovative product, based on Negatively Charged Microspheres (NCM) Technology.

PolyHeal® Micro is a suspension of polystyrene Negatively Charged Microspheres -NCM's- in a concentration 4.5x106 microspheres/ml, in Glycerol and water for injection.

PolyHeal® Micro is indicated for the treatment of ulcers of different etiologies and hard-to-heal, partial and full-thickness wounds.

PolyHeal® Micro works by restarting and accelerating healing through fast production of healthy granulation tissue and rapid re-epithelization rates, result of the stimulation of the key wound bed cells.

PolyHeal® Micro is safe and well tolerated.

PolyHeal® Micro is a single use, sterile suspension that is easy to apply by physicians, nurses, care takers, patient’s family members or the patients themselves, both in an in-patient or out-patient settings.

PolyHeal® Micro may provide a cost-effective treatment option for chronic, hard to heal wounds due to the shortened treatment time and long term safety and effectiveness.

Medical Device with CE Mark, manufactured under ISO 13485.


NCM (Negatively Charged Microspheres) are synthetic microspheres of medical grade Polystyrene, Biocompatible and negatively charged. They have precise surface area and geometry that ensure specific biophysical properties.